Torque Solution Oil Baffle Windage Tray (Race): Subaru EJ Engines

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Torque Solution Oil Baffle Windage Tray (Race)
Applications: Subaru EJ Engines

Torque Solution Oil Baffle Windage Tray (Race) for Subaru EJ Engines is a the perfect solution to keep the oil in your pan near the oil pick up. During spirited driving or racing your engines oil can slosh around a lot splashing back up into the engine, which can lead to oil starvation, loss of oil through the Catch Can / AOS vent or oil consumption by the motor. The race baffle is laser cut stainless steel to match the bottom of the EJ block and utilizes one way FKM rubber baffles to help minimize the oil filling your engine during load. This in turn helps keep the oil in the pan where it is needed with your oil pick up. The race baffle will work with OEM and aftermarket oil pickups and oil pans.

- Laser Cut Stainless Steel
- FKM Rubber Oil Control Baffles
- Keeps Oil in the Oil Pan Near the Oil Pickup
- Reduced Oil Consumption
- Stainless Steel Install Hardware
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- All EJ20/25 Engines w/ EJ25 Oil Pan

- Stainless Steel Baffle / Windage Tray
- FKM Rubber One Way Baffles (10)
- M4x12 Stainless Button Socket Cap (2) (Pre-installed into baffle)
- M6x10 Stainless Button Socket Cap (2)
- M6x10 Stainless Socket Cap (1)
- M6x16 Stainless Socket Cap (2)

*Will not fit Moroso Oil Pan or Pick Up


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