Torque Solution HD Timing Belt Tensioner (OEM): Subaru EJ Engines

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Torque Solution HD Timing Belt Tensioner W/ OEM Components
Application: Subaru EJ Engines

Torque Solution HD Timing Belt Tensioner is the perfect solution to help keep your high power / revving engine in time whether you are on the road course or drag strip. Our part utilizes high quality CNC'd billet aluminum and then is black anodized for corrosion resistance. This kit is paired up using high quality OEM components and OEM quality NTN idler pulley. We supply this kit with both OEM and grade 12.9 zinc coated hardware to ensure your part will be properly installed.

- CNC Billet Aluminum
- Black Anodized w/ Torque Solution Logo
- OEM Hydraulic Tensioner and Tensioner Pulley
- NTN Idler Pulley
- OEM Pulley Hardware
- Grade 12.9 Zinc Hardware for Bracket and Tensioner

- All EJ20 / EJ22 / EJ25 engines

- Billet Tensioner Bracket (1)
- 13068AA051 OEM Subaru Hydraulic Tensioner (1)
- 13069AA037 OEM Subaru Tensioner Pulley w/ OEM Bolt (1)
- NEP31-003B-4G1 NTN Idler Pulley (1)
- 800708460 OEM Subaru Idler Pulley Bolt (1)
- 13091AA060 OEM Subaru Tensioner Bracket Foam Seal (1)
- M8-1.25 x 30 Grade 12.9 Zinc Socket Cap (4)
- M8-1.25 x 25 Grade 12.9 Zinc Socket Cap (1)
- M8 Carbon Steel Spring Lock Washer (2)


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