BBR STAGE 3 FA20 DIT WRX Shortblock

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The time has finally come! We now support the FA20 platform and are beginning sales with our stage 3 BBR 500 FA20 Shortblock!

We begin this all our engines with Brand NEW subaru oem FA20 cases, every one gets blueprinted / assembled to our custom engine specs for its power level rating. 

BBR Stage 3 Shortblock is a awesome block for your daily driver, great for someone just getting into the performance world and not looking for a all out crazy block. This block is perfect for you, it is rated for 500whp. 

                                   ***6-8 WEEK SHIP TIME ON ALL BLOCKS***


-New Subaru OEM case

-New OEM Subaru Crankshaft

-CP Pistons 10:6:1 86.25mm

-Manley H-Tuff / ARP 2000 bolt

-Blueprinted / Assembled

-Rated for 500whp